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Heavy Bloom day old chick

Heavy Bloom day old chick

Heavy Bloom Layer Rune Rose

We are renaming our Fibromelanistic Heavy Bloom Layer to Rune Rose. They are bred from Black Rose Eggers.


* Note 6 min per box you may add other variety as desired

Shipping is 1 to 6 weeks from date of purchase. You will receive a separate email with expected ship date. Shipping starts late Feb to early March and ends October

Shipments may have to be rescheduled if weather is a concern for the chicks safety but we will get your order filled right away and keep you informed. Do not ever want to knowingly place them in poor conditions lowering their chances of a safe arrival.

Shipping is $65 if extra heat pack desired message me it is an additional $10. Grow gel is included.

Bloom is a trait passed on from both parents and can be affected by nutrition and weather conditions. The bloom is not present every time an egg is laid by the hen. To insure offspring have higher odds of inheriting trait keep the best blooms and back cross. Keeping a closed flock prevents introducing unknown genetics like the blue gene that would cause you to see EE color eggs with or without a bloom.

Let me further state you can not guarantee a trait is inherited like bloom by all offspring. You can only influence it by selective pairing.Wild type featheing is possible. Most feather out black or blue.

Fibro is well explained on many charts in the Ayam Cemani clubs on pairing results according to fibromelanistic gene the parent birds carry.

  • Returns

    There is no Returns on live shipments. If lost in shipping claim can be filed off of tracking number with USPS.

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