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Heavy Bloom 12 Hatching Eggs

Heavy Bloom 12 Hatching Eggs

Heavy Bloom Layer Rune Rose

We are renaming our Fibromelanistic Heavy Bloom Layer to Rune Rose. They are bred from Black Rose Eggers.

Hatching Eggs are shipped ideally within 4 weeks of your order. I don't ship unless temperatures permit. For 2024 I plan on shipping late Feb or Mid Mar and end October.I will message you to confirm you are able to receive them within that time. If you need a slight adjustment I can try to accommodate long as the girls are laying their gorgeous bloomed eggs in time.

Bloom is a trait passed on from both parents and can be affected by nutrition and weather conditions. The bloom is not present every time an egg is laid by the hen. To insure offspring have higher odds of inheriting trait keep the best blooms and back cross. Keeping a closed flock prevents introducing unknown genetics like the blue gene that would cause you to see EE color eggs with or without a bloom. Wild type feathering is possible. Most feather out black or blue.

Let me further state you can not guarantee a trait is inherited like bloom by all offspring. You can only influence it by selective pairing.

Make sure to select egg shipping or local pickup at checkout.


    12 Hatching Eggs 


    No Returns. Hatching Eggs lost in shipping can be filed off tracking number with USPS


    Shipped in Foam. Shipping is Monday through Wednesday Priority.

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